Food is truly one of the greatest experiences binding a family together… that warm time around the table. But the real culinary jackpot hasn't been well-chronicled, until now. Those homemade meals are also the ideal place to spoon in the key ingredient for happy, resilient and thriving families. We’re talking about VIRTUES—Important qualities like love, honesty and resourcefulness.

Simply put, specific recipes can serve up specific virtues. And by experimenting with Virtues Cooking, you can nourish not only a child’s stomach but also heart and spirit AND all important character. 

You can strengthen your family. You can course-correct and and see results right away. And over time Virtues Cooking can be life-changing.  

It’s really quite fun. You just focus on a virtue, cook up an appropriate recipe that reinforces that virtue… and make the idea sizzle and stick.  (The cookbook spotlights 28 different virtues and 40+ recipes.)

Anyone for some Playful Pancakes?  

So Simple, So Fun: A Virtue Paired with a Recipe!